Day Out 1

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Letih!! Since last week I'm going back home late everyday without failed. Tired.. tired ... tired... and today wake up late at 4.15am. So panic, then I quickly take bath and rush to airport. Thanks to mama for wake me up. Yesterday went back home nearly 10pm.

Reach airport at 5.30am. Huhhh, lega. About 1 more hour to depart time. While waiting for my mgr, I look around. There is so much changes. Yes, it being many years, I've not been there. Started from MAS operation shifted to KLIA. I never been there anymore and today the serounding has change to new. Looks better and its also my 1st time taking firefly. Not too bad. I shall fly with them again in future, maybe :D

Learning stage 1 started for new industry


IntanLal said…
Salam Kakak ku, intan paling suka fly dengan MAS. This October intan akan ke KL dua kali. first utk conference, 2nd utk beli barangan perkahwinan. hahaha..jarak masa benda2 tue langsung tak jauh. adei...kepenatan tahap keterlaluan la jawabnya.
dayah said…
Salam Intan,

Akak pun suka naik MAS. Tapi dah lama x naik. Asyik2 AirAsia.. balik2 AirAsia. Since now MAS offering better rate, at least we have other choices. Alhamdulillah.

N next week akak akan fly dgn MAS yea yea yea.. cant wait nak jumpa bride to be. Paling x sabar nak buli bride to be.. kekekekeke
IntanLal said…
Salam kak..

Nak jumpa bride to be? tak sabar nak buli bride to be? sape la yang malang tue? Astagfirullah al azim...
dayah said…
Salam Intan,

Bride to be itu akan akak papar kan gambar dia di blog ni nanti... tunggu!!! Kekekekeke

Intan kenal dia.. very close to me.
That y x sabar nak buli :D

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