Comp. trip

Assalammualaikum wbt,

This year our comp. trip will be held in early August. Which is a busy month I suppose for our department. With a lots of ACM. All report is due in this month. Pity my mgr. She need to do a lot of reviews for my files, is about 5. Walahhh.. so many. From other colleague also about 3-4 file. Hope she can handle her stress. If not disaster laaa. As for me, need other 1 or 2 field work to do. Ok but so pack. Everything should be done before second week of August. Muntahlah. Today manage to get some comments from the BDM. Alhamdulillah, he has no dispute. Instead he give me some ideas, what else should I look at. It is a new industry to me.

Today I saw a drilling pipe. So small and thin, and was thinking how fast and how much can they produce in one day? I definitely have no idea. Each will stay in about 2-3 month maybe. Then it will be sending back for inspection. Then return back to the rig. That is what I understand. My understanding to this Industry now increase.

Before came here, I did see the mgt profile in the agreement. The picture doesnt tells you the true story. I thought they are very fussy.. arrogant.. and its also being told by their top. But it is not. Hence they are very friendly and helpful. So again "dont judge a book by it cover".

Ok back to the topic, its about my coming comp trip. This year our partner said because of H1N1, we choose to travel in domestic place. Ok, I dont have any objection. Its your money and it is good enough since comp. want to spare some money for us. But if it an overseas trip will be more appriaciate :D

It has been confirmed that we will go to Langkawi. Yeahhhhhh.. I was planning to go there since last 2 years but still cant go. It about 3D2N package. Will flying on friday, 7th and will stay at Pelangi Beach Resort. Hope will be a very2 relaxing trip.

It's a small island to go but a lots of thing can discover. I don't know much about langkawi except about Mahsuri. That the only thing I can remember most.

This eagle, being build a few years ago I think. In the last visit I went there is no eagle. But now there is. So you can imagine how many year I'm not going there.

Can't wait to walk along the beach, looking at sunset ..sunrise... I love to see it.

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Tired and sleepy


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