Mikael @ Micheal Jackson no longer breath

Assaalammualaikum wbt,

The King of Pop has given chances of 50 years to enjoy this world. His dead at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. I'm sure there is a lot of his fans outside. Me? Franckly, I'm not. But there is one or two his song that I enjoy to hear. I dont remember the title. But I like the movie video.

When talk about MJ's it remain me about my uni friend, who loves MJ so much. The word he like to use is "Hai Sexy" hahahaha. That my friend. He love to sing all MJ song. When dinner night comes, he will be the one who will performance on stage. He just enjoy the day without care about what people say about him. Bravo..bravo... U just being how u are.

Condolence to MJ's family members. Here is speech from his brother.


A lots of thinks to final but blurr where should I start!!


fusherna said…
Dr LA ke Aussie ke KL org dok berblog on MJ-he is indeed a legend and lived like one-would prefer to call him Mikael though-his Islam name.
dayah said…
Salam Kak,
Benar.. kak semua orang dok berblog pasal dia. Mmg legend la So Mikael ni.

Saya tukar sikit, bubuh Mikael. Mula2 ragu2. Lepas mendengar ucapan Abgnya Mikael, Saya percaya dia Islam

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