Everthing packed

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Every single of my belonging was packed until head. Need to plan properly start from zero back. Moral from packed:-
1. I should plan my reading schedule properly
2. I should be able to identify resources once decide to take paper
3. I should do all the details finding at client not at office
4. I should discuss immediate once issue is identify
5. I should check all working properly including assistant
6. I should ensure debt is not exceed 30% to saving not equal to saving or more
7. I should ensure at least to saving 20% of income
8. I should ensure oils meter not less than 3 bars not until blinkage
9. I should ensure car is wash once a week not till color change
10. I should check tyre pressure once a week
11. I should not eat after 12am must eat on time
12. I should not stay at office after 1am or more
13. I must ensure to recite Quran at least once a week
14. Its compulsory to be on time to meet HIM

So packed with all thing around me


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