Assalammualaikum wbt,

Dayah went up

Suddenly, boss calling her

Dayah went down into his room. In mind, did I owe him anything. Start thinking. Omg did I did wrong thing. or he want to do my evaluation (for info we suppose to meet in January for appraisal but I and my bos was busy and not in the office at same time)

Boss: How was your study? *he smile and looks at me* dayah was standing at his door - in between whether to go in or not.

Dayah:*smile* I already start

Boss: *smile again* hows?

Dayah: *I just started on last Sunday* I just finished 4 chapter. *n with smile*

Boss: Remember to study ya. When was your exam?

Dayah: 10 of Jun

Boss: Make sure you prepare yourself. Study ya. This is your second time right. *ohh how my bos is concerned about his staff*

Dayah: Yes *dayah smiling & boss was also smiling* silent and I know I have to study hard

Boss: Study don't think much about work. *he looks back at his work and I start walk with smile*

So dayah don't play to much. Put more effort for study. Plss. That reminder from your boss to study smart and learn more for your work.



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