Third times

Assalammualaikum wbt,

I feel so sad today! Am I so stupid.. No..No..No.. you are not. But u r not smart enough. Yes that the best word. I also hear from other, that professional paper is the most challenging paper and you will feel that you are stupid. I also been told by my previous lecture that he took one paper for 5 times and I was so surprise. In my mind "really" and thinking maybe he had not enough effort.

Now its happen to me. I feel i'm so stupid .. really... really..really.. 1st time I feel, "ok its near to passing rate", maybe because I just study for 3 days. So that the price that I should get paid.

And I was thinking. To put more strategy. I don't want to be so stressful and comeout with nice timetable. Put more effort to study.

And today, I was super surprise, "SORRY YOU EFFORT NOT ENOUGH!!! PLEASE TRY AGAIN" and again its near to passing rate...

Haaaaaaaaaaaa.. no other word. I feel down and now is in February and exam will be held in June. Its about 3 month plus plus for me again to resit the paper. Ya Allah, how sad I feel today. 5 more paper to go and I feel to!!!!!

I feel so s-t-p


IntanLal said…
the more u think that u r stupid the more u stress. everybody in this world nowadays not perfect except s.a.w. Do ur best my dear sis :)
dayah said…
Thanks Intan..
Dah x fikir diri S-T-U-P-I-D dah..

InsyaAllah and I will.

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