Merry Christmas...

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Merry Christmas to all those friends celebrating its and happy holidays to all.. happy cause holiday.. hihihihi.. so wot i'm gonna do. Ermm.. not sure yet.. maybe outing with me dearest sister and brother.. maybe.. since their not wake up yet..

Herm... I think of Sungai Congkak... and some BBQ.. so long time that I havent cook at home.. probably today is the right day... if not practicing your skill will gone.. don't believe... it is not actually gone for all but you may a bit "kelamkabut" yahh... Its happen to me... haiahh... but its ok... nothing to worry.. because I just love cooking.. just I dont have time.. and so far.. if I want to eat anything.. i'll just cook even I never cook it before.. and normally it never frastrate me.. hihihi.. naturally i'm born to be a cooker ... hahahahaha... just joking... ermm.. gonna go Sungai Congkak la... jom...heheheheh

Sedapnya.. BBQ chicken wingss. yummmy
9.24am, 25 Dec 08


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