Day out end...

Asslammualaikum wbt,

Yiihiii.. day out has end. 2 weeks in office then going off again. Year end my life a bit busy with travelling out. Today I manage to go to both my grandma home. Yeaahh.. so lucky. The meeting when so smooth and there nothing argument from their part. Again i'm happy and then I was so happy cause I manage to finished my work as the time schedule. Alhamdulillah.

Now, in Coffee Bean LCCT waiting for my sister picking me up. I'm hungry actually. Wot I had.. ermm... I pick to eat puff tuna and ice tea. Enough.. still had half .. on my way to KL .. I trying my best to finished "Remember Me?". I bought its almost 3-4 month ago, but I dont had time to read it. Once I read the first chapter, I feel like WOWW.. I can explain more.. but I just love to read the story. Sophie was very great writter. Really! I have buy some of her book's and just love them. The story was good and fun to read. I learn more from her. I guest now, i'll start to buy more book's. I hope so. InsyaAllah.

ermm.. so bored entry ya... well. I had no idea .. hihihihikk..
Next post.. I'll put picture of cute baby ... hihihi.. who else.. the cuties Damia..

See :) next post..
7.06pm, 21December2008


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