Day out 4..

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Day out 4, Its not much I can find. Thus the place seem ok and pack. Just because they have a small shop compare to other client. The sales also was doing just ok. Hermm..the admin was done well since the MD is here. So any happen I just can get MD to comment quickly, easy and I just think. So shouldn't be a problem. So.. work should be ok. But i'm worried, not much findings.. ohh hoooo.. must to find something... at least.

Yesterday, I went out to Jitra. A small town with many place I can see food stall. My eye was blink..blink... ermm.. food... yummy. We went there to sending my cousin sister to clinic and helping my aunty driving the car. Then we drop my aunty to the clinic after that me and my another aunty went to the shoping place to buy something. Then I saw food stall. I saw.. burger.. owhh.. I've not eating M'sia Burger quit long time. Surely, I drop into the stall and buy.. makan lagi kan.. ermm.. best.. Buy for my grandpa also. He also enjoy eating the burger... so it happen to me. Luckily i'm not getting the fever. At 1st I though I might get it also, because my body already get cool and heat sometimes. So lucky wake up early, I was fine. Alhamdulillah.

Boring entry!!
1.35pm, Old Delight.


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