Assalammualaikum wbt,

Pagi2 yang cerah ini, saya dah meng"update" blog..huhuhu. Sedikit kerisauan beraja di hati sebenarnya, ada kerja yang tak siap lagi ini. Tommorrow up to next ten days start outstation gi Melaka. Hopefully saya dapat bekerja dengan kepantasan maksima. Sebab kedua-duanya besar dan mungkin kena kreatif berfikir. Adoiii.. dayah bolehkan...

Wanna tour around the citylah... hopefully I'll get the chances.. pray for it. Just did not know whether I had enough time or not, lets time decide.

What else, my leave is coming soon. Other people might think, wahh!! Leave mean holiday but poor for me Leave means study. The exam day is coming soon. How the preparation, very bad. I did not have much time to look at the books. So the coming day i'll make sure I can put sometimes at least to read the notes. Owhh my god, it's really scary man... crazy perhap.. last minutes study. Ok.. don't want talk about exam. cool blood!!

What had I buy for my face wash. It is new product from L'oreal.. weeehuuuu.. previuosly I had used L'oreal but since I have problem with acne, I decide to change but its actually not much different so went the new product comes in, why not we had a try. So far i've been used it for two days and its goods. I did not receive any result yet, wait and see. Since I not bought all set. Next month, i'll buy full set. Maybe it would cost me about RM250++ , maybe I'm not sure. But if its would help y not, right??

have work to do!! arrghhh
12.22pm, 16Nov2008


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