Stay at office!!


You have to stay at office!!! Tak best betul dengar ayat tu. Have to.. have to la.. Just worried other works would be delay. Hermm.. do it as instruction and we also can argue if we found it is find to argue and we had a proved. That the norms in the work life.

Like my work, it depends on the timeliness. Pack with schedule. This end year is my peak time where have to travel a lot outstation. Have to, I have no other choice. At the same time, I can travel.. huhuhu.. no really la.. but still can. If I've time then should be okey. But normally the time was very peak and have to work until midnight sometimes to morning and formost have to work no weekend for us. Because our intention to finished early so that we can finished it early.

still in the office.
7.35pm, 29 October 2008


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