Selamat Pagi Malaysia!!

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Selamat Pagi semua... bangun pagi dengan terbukanya rezeki baru. Saya nak bersiap2 ke ofis. Macam biasalah, it wont take me so long to dress up. Because i'm not taking so long time to make up or look at miror. Just make ensure i'm fresh it is more than enough. No make up!! I dont to make myself more ugly... hahahaha. Yes it is true. I'm prefer natural beauty. Am I? Huhuhu.
The way I am...
That's how am I look like. Mengada2 pulak nampak gambar tu... hahahaha... huhuhu.. I hope to loose a kilos in week again. Hopefully, I just wanna look healty, that the most important thing rather than beauty. At least I can keep some money, rather than buying expensive cloth. It is not easy to find out size and also expensive. So the best things is try my best reduce my weight. InsyaAllah. Okey, got to to. I'll put more picture in future... huhuhu... and all the best to me. Studi dayah.. studi dayah.. is about another 6 weeks to go. I'll make sure my time is enough for stadi.
Nak pergi keje di pagi berembun!!
7.12am, 28 October 2008


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