New born in family

Assalammualaikum wbt,

What happen in my family, actually there is new member coming into our family. So that, welcome to the world. Hehehe... it's new born in the family. My niece la.. its a girl.. again.. we have add some more girl into family. It a lots of girl compare to boy. What to do? We except what Allah given to us. HIS willing.

Coming next monday, she will be operate. So sad, but what to do have to. We pray for her health and always under Allah bless. Be strong yer....

mmm.. what was happen to me today.. i'm stuck in office.. it is because of the promise.. This was happen b'coz we need submit the report by today. He was always make me feel hot day. Why la.. I know that he has a qualification. So, do I care? Halooo.. I don't mind at all. Hate to talk about this. Anyhow, congratulation to myself b'coz able to finished the work by today.

Have to caw 1st. Seems like I cannot stand it anymore. Very sleepy.


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