More responsibilty!!

Is either happy or sad? You choose!! For me it is not an answer. But it is responsibility. More responsibility on my hand. The news was good when my boss give an advice for me to improve on my reporting skills. Yahhh.. I admit it's my weaknesess. I trying my best to improve it. Because according to him, even I'm junior but he was very impress with my willingness and responsibility. I good to hear but I know it's was points of you have to work more after this. Planning everthing. One more things, need to go BOD meeting. Uhuuuu... berpeluhlah haku!!!

Now need more work on understanding the scope and always thinking of why.. why.. why.. uhhhuuu... have to work more after this. Have to la sayang... adoiiii... Kenalah bahagi masa antara study and kerja betul..betul lepas ni. Memang lepas ni tak boleh tamak. Kena ambik per exam one paper. Kalau tidak buat over estimate kemampuan diri, sedangkan diri tak boleh jadi superb. Selain kekangan masa yang menekan diri. This work really makes me thinking more and even more. Why its happen? What is a conclusion? What is your recommendation? Now I'm actually stuck in the middle. Have 3 files to done. Now, almost finished 2. Haiyaaaa... Tomorrow got meeting with her. I know she will talk about that. So sad, not even one year know her. Its ok, memang our industry like this. Somebody will coming back soon. Not so soon la, it is quite late also. Earlier next year. Sighhhh...... luckily I have my senior. Kalau tidak memang patah kakilah.

hard to think now..
2.48pm, 8October 2008


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