I've motivated


I've been motivate, why? It is because now i'm in process on reducing my weight. I don't want call it as diet. Because sometime diet meaning you have cut of a lots of other things that u like. I attention now, to reduce my weight. I'll keep this promise to myself, I shall take 3 years to do it. I'll try my best to loose it and wanted to proof it. My friend just came in give one page with is really heplful.


The website is story about what is bside the succesful of a man, who succesful reduce his weight. I should try it over again. I should do it. Since I realise that i'm obese. Can stay cute, but have to make sure, r u healthy. That is what i'm continuing askin myself. Year by year kept asking. Now, I've put some effort. I'll try my best. No matter how difficult i've feel at first place. Nothing is impossible right? I know all of us will agree with me.

I want to loose weight!! InsyaAllah.
14th October 2008


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