1st Celebration!!!

Assalammualaikum Wbt,

Today is 22nd October 2008, which mean myself celebrating 1st year of employment. Congratulation to me, because had achieve this level within the same company. Even the journey is still far, at least I have hit 1 year achievement. With 2 times increment in a year, 1 times bonus, the position had been change even not in the formal letter. For me it is an achievement.

My target now, to do my best on my acca. Hopefully, i'll do well in the exam. The exam days is coming soon but I still haven't prepare much. The day was very busy, luckily I just decided to take one paper in this coming sitting.

Terkejut.. tengah2 tulis blog ni.. Kak waty call.. dia baru sahaja di ragut. MasyaAllah terkejut!! Baru aja rasanya menghantar dia balik tadi. Kat ofis bawah. Tak sangka ada orang nak meragut. Mujurlah semua yang berharga tak dapat di ambilnya. Hanya sempat si pencuri tu meragut plastik yang berisi roti sahaja. Ha.. makan la roti tu. Dah ada agaknya kerja yang lebih berfaedah. Kerja yang haram itu juga yang nak di kerjakan. Syukur, kak waty tak apa2. Sian dia.

9.16pm, 22nd October 2008
1st anniversary..


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