More inspection will make people work carefully

Isn't ?? Its depends on person. It how i'm work actually. Duties as Internal Auditor is not an easy work, because sometimes we have to ignore our feeling or what so ever. Be INDEPENDENT!! That is our priority, listen is not to follow 100%. The duties is every single findings need the management to comment and then reconcile the comment as report. The feedback is useful or rubish (hahaha) its depends... while i'm reading the news today. The spec of int. audit is more needed now and people will appreciate us. Our duties is not to find other people wrongs or right just to ensure the standard policies or procedures are been applied and promptly practice.

In a normal life also, we have a guide to follow, it also same goes for working life there is standard established for us to follow. Why? Every action taken there is support with the valid reason.

Same goes to our life, there is standard guideline for us to follow it, it either u wanna follow it or not. For me, Islam has given me an a very clear way on how to live, work and etc. It is very transparent. Also easy to follow. It goes same to other religous also.

Many people doesn't have an idea what is an audit is all about? People might thing we are nothing. But actually we do something to correct what their think is TRUE or FAIR. We been protect by terms of "ACCOUNTANT". why. The whole world know about it, once you become an CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT there is a guide and ethics to follow.

But me, still looking forward to get the title. When?? it is a questionmark for me also. I hope I can finished it early. Even early, I need to consider other things which is my working experience is that cumulative 3 years. Not yet. Not even equal to 1 years. I'm only achieve 10months working experience and now "semi-senior" as per what my partner say, not an official yet. It is an achievement, because my senior only get the title after 2 years working. I'm proud and at same time scared because can I do this, do I have the capacity to do it and even sometimes i'm totally lost and blurrr. Because everyday is a learning day for me.

Today is quite tiring, because just only 2 hours sleep. Then wake up. Then go for work. Now sleepy and tonight i'm gonna sleep early. I hope so. :)

after reading the article.
1.12pm, 22 September 2008


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