Makin slowww

apa yang makin slow... sebenarnya it is my speed was very slow... I try my best to achieved the target how ever it is still very hard for me to finished it. I think i'm not going back hometown la.. very lazy to going back. For sure, its need a lots of money. Somemore now i'm working, so that their must asking me the duit raya. mmmm, to be frank I dont put any budget on it, even for raya. I dont put any budget on it also. I just put budget to pay my exam fees and also to pay the subscription. Its a lot of money actually. How am I going to achieve the target. Now I already working for about 10 months not much I can save. But still saving. Now the saving I have to withdraw to pay the fees. Its for my own goods also. I would pray for succesful. I hope that I will pass this coming exam. I dont want to take risk.

I know this coming year end i will heavily outstation. See how laa... but know my attention to finish all my work before raya. So stressfull!!!! haiiyaaaaa....

will alots of work
7.43pm, 27sep08


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