The day can be clasified as heavily raining throught out. Why? The days become dark and more darkest while it reach the end. It hearted. I'm past the class again. Why? I should drop it since i'm going to concren more on the two paper that failed. It is hard to say, but as what my lecturer's told me. "It is norm when you failed while taking professional papers. Me myself already take 5times exam to past the paper". Instead he going to sitting the exam sooner. For me this is really learning stage. With i cannot simply said I can do it with no properly prepared and mentally ready for every thing. It makes myself stuck in the middle. The marks is just about 4 to past. So sad. Not many just FOUR!!!!

Indeep, it is the sadness day for me. So I decide to drop the class and will concern on the paper. Pluss today I received the invitation which change my whole life.

Very sadnesss day!!!! Crying is not the solving factor, but I need more spirit to gone thru the whole cycle again. Ciayokkkk!!!

8 is nothing!!!!!


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