Another 29 days!!!

Scarynyer la hai...
29 hari lagi.. takutnyer...nngeee ngee ngeee nggeeerriii...
Frankly speak.. banyak lagi x prepare ni...
Today try to finish one chap.. but still cannot.. tomorrow.. plan nak bawa p ofis.. at least can read one question n answer one.. at least... at least a day can do One or two question is better than NIL..

Ya Allah .. memang seram... It 's not only to achieve it but I need to considered how much I've been investment towards this... It is not small amount... thousand ringgit had been paid for these.. I hope to not frustrate myself. I'll study hard!! Ciayokkk you even can do it better.. dear!!

I'll pray for happiness and Excellencess..
12May08, 12.19am
Bilik berlampu meja.. cadar unggu


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