Mampu ke ni!!

Assalammualaikum w.b.t,

Mampu ke tidak!! Persoalan untuk diri yang tidak tahu sama ada boleh lakukan atau tidak.. Memang tidak mudah, tapi seorang CEO pernah berkata " if you really set yourself to doing something you actually can do it". I trust myself to achieve it, somehow I just not prepared to sit for it. Another 2 month to go. It is really scarry, why? I know even I had a lot of idea or knowledge but sometimes the way I delivery it not equivalent to what they want or they don't understand with what I'm try to tell them. I'll push myself to do it harder. I believe if I study hard, I'll past it.

I also scared of my job, isn't enough time for me to finished up my job. It is a lot actually, now everthing in my hand. Sometimes I wonder that I can do it. To realise it I need sometimes to do more and understand more. I've been ask by my clicks, y I took that papaer. He said I'm local graduate why I need to make myself suffering do it coz I've easy way to achieve it. But for me, I want more in my life. Become better and it is good if can broader my knowledge and experiences. The question sound like you shouldn't take it. Let's us only take it. Halooo, this is open market. Everybody got a chances to enchance yourself in your carrier and future life. I want to make my dream come true even it is very hard. Success will not come with simple way but it is sometimes to get by build it up. Even if you want to build your dream house, you need a material and money to make it.


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